3. Starting Your Pi and Important Notes

1. Put together the weather station using the instructions on the Physically Building the Weather station page if you have not done so already.

2. Put the SD card into the Pi now.

The SD card slot is underneath the Pi next to the micro-USB slot (see the diagram below)

3. Attach all the cables to the Pi so you can use it.

The positions of the cable ports

The positions of the cable ports

Attach the Pi to a monitor (using the HDMI cable), to a keyboard and mouse (using USB cables), to the internet (using an ethernet cable), and finally to a power source (using the power cable). The ports where you can insert these are shown in the figure above – the RCA video and audio jack connections are not necessary for what we are doing, so you can ignore them.

4. Start up your Pi!

If you need instructions on how to set up a Raspberry Pi from scratch (including installing the operating system) using an SD card, please visit the Raspberry Pi site here for instructions on setting up for the first time.


What the bottom of your login screen will look like once it has loaded fully

Start your Pi by plugging it into a power source. When it has loaded it will ask you to enter your username and password. By default your username is “pi” and your password is “raspberry”. Note that when you type in the password, nothing will come up on screen. This is to keep your password a secret – write it in and press enter, and it should run as normal.

Once you are logged in type startx and press enter – this will take you to the desktop screen. Double click on the icon called LXTerminal (as shown) to open the command interface. All of the code you need to write will be put into this window.


This is the screen that should appear after you run startx.

Important Note:


This is the LXTerminal window that will open. You can only write in commands when it is showing this first part – "pi@raspberrypi ~ $/". Your code will be written on the same line as this. If it is not there then that means that the Pi is still going through a process, and will not recognise if you give it a command. Bear this in mind, as some processes (especially installing programs) can run for a few minutes.

5. Go to the Setting up the Code page to start coding!


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