7. Issues and Error Messages

This page outlines some of the errors you may get, and also gives ways to fix them!

“No such file or directory” error

What is it?
This is where your Pi cannot find the folder you’re trying to access.

How can I fix it?
Check to make sure that you’ve spelt the name of the directory correctly. If that doesn’t help, check to see if the directory has installed, and maybe try to reinstall it by following the instructions again

adafruitnotinstalled“The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing” error

What is it?
The website has decided that, while it understands your request, it does not want to do anything

How can I fix it?
As a website doesn’t have to explain why it’s given a 403 error, it can be difficult to troubleshoot exactly what has gone wrong. Check your URL and make sure it is the right one and spelt correctly. In some cases, as shown in the screenshot below, the problem can be resolved just by running the code again, changing nothing.

gitcloneerror“RPC failed” error

What is it?
The remote procedure call has failed – this can be because the default file size has been exceeded, but it can also be because Github (who are hosting the files) is having issues.

How can I fix it?
Unfortunately, like the 403 error above, it can be difficult to troubleshoot and deal with this error beyond checking your URL is correct and then retrying the command. Check that Github is not experiencing problems by going to their Twitter. If there are no problems, try running this command to increase file allowance:

git config http.postBuffer 524288000


“Could not open file” error

What is it?
The Pi can’t find the file you’re trying to access, meaning it is not installed.

How can I fix it?
Install the file you need (in the case below the file it is trying to access belongs to i2cdetect, and so you can fix it by installing i2cdetect correctly).


“Command not found” error

What is it?
The Pi doesn’t understand the command you’ve given it, as it’s not in its directories

How can I fix it?
Check your spelling of the command. If it is correct, then the command has not been installed. Install the command (in the example below, the program python-pip needs to be installed, as pip is unrecognised).


“Input/Output error”

What is it?
The Pi can’t interpret the signals it is getting from the sensor.

How can I fix it?
Check the connections between the white breadboard and orange and green breakout board. If you reach this error, you have not connected them correctly.


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