1. About the Project

This site is here to show you how to create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi computer, which will look like this:

For the contents page of this site, visit here.

To run this weather station, you will need an account with the Met Office’s Weather Observations Website (also known as WOW) and also with Plot.ly. You can get the WOW account here, and the Plot.ly account here.

From WOW you will need your site ID (this appears in brackets next to the name of your site on the Site Information page) and your AWS pin (if you do not know or have not created this, go to the Edit pages of any WOW site you own and it is an option under the Site Details section. Create and enter a 6-digit numeric PIN of your choice). From Plot.ly you will need your API key (found by clicking on your username and selecting settings), two stream tokens (found by going to “Stream Tokens” in the settings menu), and your username. The weather station will ask for this information when you run it, and cannot be run without it.

Before we start, there are a few notes about these instructions:

  • This has been written assuming that you have absolutely no experience coding with a Raspberry Pi or with Python.
  • After each line of code you have written, you must press enter to make it run
  • When writing things into the LXTerminal window, you must use your keyboard arrows to move about the screen. Mice cannot click on these windows.
  • Coding is a very exact science. All of the code on this site must be written exactly as it appears, including capital letters, punctuation and spaces
  • Code on this page is sometimes embedded into the instructions, and looks like this, but mostly it will look like this:
This is code
    • Sometimes the Pi will write out a lot of code after you run a command, which will look like the picture below. Don’t panic! This is just the Pi letting you know what it’s doing. If something has gone wrong, it will tell you.


      This whole chunk of text came from writing the two lines at the very top beginning in green – you will not need to write all of this out!

      Ready to start building a weather station? Then go here!


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