Welcome to the Sheffield Pi weather station project. This site is a how-to guide on how to create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi attached to some electronics, like shown in the picture. The contents of the site are as follows:

photo 2(1)

1. About

This page introduces the weather station project and gives you a few pieces of information about this guide.

2. Physical Set-Up

This page outlines how to put together the electronic components of the weather station.

3. Starting The Pi

This page gives some notes about coding and also instructions on how to hook your Pi up to a monitor so it can be used.

4. Software Set-Up

This page goes through the process to install the necessary software onto your Pi and to start the weather station running.

5. Create Your Own Software

This page goes through how to create your weather station code from scratch.

6. Automatic Weather Station

This page shows how to get your weather station running at boot without the user having to input anything.

7. Troubleshooting

This page is for people experiencing error messages. It shows the common errors and also ways to fix them.

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